GR 5



The roasters are specifically designed for the needs of specialty coffee roasting to allow for greater flexibility to roast a wider range of profiles to suit varying methods. The compact design of these coffee roasters allows for maximum space usage whilst creating visual impact.

Golden Roasters are more focused and designed on personel aprroach to specialty coffee roasting.Provides more heat efficiency  ,It unleashes all flavours and roasted beans smell like coffee.


Local and international production experience of coffee roasting equipments

Golden roasters are made of high quality construction using modern manufacturing processes with minimal tolerances.  Advanced CAD design of all parts.

Inverter equipped system for safety of motors and quite operation allow to hear beans  crack  not motors sounds. High quality Italian made 3 Phase motors and gearboxes with long life bearings.

Electrical parts are from most famous brands with best quality (schneider,Siemens, Beijer,Panasonic, Fatek)

Cooling is most important process of roasting and golden roasters provide fastly cooling

Low Carbon steel high quality slippery drum design for optimal heat transfer

Whole body heat insulation keeps the heat and increase the roasting quality


-Pc connection via  usb cable

-Suitable for artisan and cropster

-Stainless steel cooling tray

-At the same time cooling and roasting for maximum product output •

-Audible warning when it reaches set temp.

-Heat efficiency

-Sight glass and special design sampling tube and digital temperature makes easy coffee roasting process.

-Slide out draw for capturing and emptying any chaff falling between the front of the drum

-Cost saving by gas blocker


-PLC and Touch Operator Panel control / touch profile system

-Drum speed control, flame level control and airflow control from touch screen panel * Wireless, Ethernet, RS232, RS485 communication ports.

-Remote connection and control with Wireless Communication.

-Wireless can be monitored and controlled remotely from any phone, tablet or computer with Android, IPhone, Ipad and Windows.

-Datalogger feature, temperature and time graph can be followed while coffee is roasted. Past data records can be seen.

-Automatic or manual control possibility. Automatic operation according to temperature graph.

(Automated flame control, drum speed and airflow control )

-Pneumatic drum gate, hopper gate and cooling tray gate contol from touch screen control panel

-7’’ Touch Screen Control Panel  ( Seperatly)


-Ce certified gas blocker and  electric components

-Gas security System; to stop all system in case  of any abnormality in gas pressure.

-Emergency button: to turn off all roasting process.

-Easy maintenance

-Chaff driver for collecting and chaff falling through drum

-Independent thermocouples with digital indicator


4 Years